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A Comprehensive Collection of Traditional Japanese Knives

Monday, April 4, 2022

Knives come in a hundred shapes, sizes, and styles from every corner of the culinary world, but cooks and professionals have used two terms Western and Japanese to tell apart the two most popular chefs’ knives. Then, you may wonder what makes Japanese knives distinguished from others. Let’s find out! 

The Japanese knife style was popularized by Japanese chefs, especially sushi masters. Japanese knives are often lighter than Western ones which perhaps makes them harder to use. They have straight, thin, and sharp blades which are ideal for cutting delicate food. 

At Q Online Solutions, Japanese knives are made with excellence.

✔️ Hot drop-forged blades are made from high-grade steel alloy X50CrMoV15 (A mixture of Chromium, Carbon, and Vanadium), which are mainly used in high-quality kitchen knives. The composition makes it great for corrosion resistance with good hardness and toughness.

✔️ Ergonomic, slip-resistant, and German beech wood handles perfectly facilitate a firm grip and optimize the cutting movement. 

✔️ NFS certified with SteriShield Anti-Bacteria protection. 

Deba Knife

A strong and thick Japanese knife is used for filleting fish. The single bevel knife (ground on one side only) excellently performs at cutting soft and thin food. 

Nakiri Knife 

A thin and lightweight double bevel knife excels at the push/pull chopping of vegetables. The straight and flat edge allows you to cut right through vegetables with clean cuts. 

Sashimi Knife

An extremely sharp, long, and narrow knife for smooth filleting, slicing, and cutting delicate food such as raw fish and sushi rolls without effort.   

Different ranges of specialised traditional Japanese knives are available now on Q Online Solutions with 20% discount. Take the chance to complete your knife collection now!