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A New Dynamic Way to Prepare Food

Monday, May 9, 2022

With the unique shape and design, the new Dynamic appliance of combo vegetable cutter/slicer provides the perfect aesthetic for professional kitchens. Time and care were taken to design ergonomic features, carefully observing user habits, and the device’s versatility meets market expectations. 

An efficient-boosting combination of a vegetable slicer and a food process

What is better than handling prep tasks in a few minutes with the assistance of only one appliance? This versatile device brings you the combo advantages of a vegetable slicer and a cutter bowl attachment with one motor block. 

Vegetable Slicer Function

It includes two hoppers adapting to all types of vegetables:
  • A wide hopper of 217 cm2 for bulky vegetables such as cabbage, celeriac
  • A cylindrical hopper of Ø 60.5 mm for long and delicate vegetables (zucchinis, cucumbers).
And a side food chute with a 20 cm passage to install a deep GN collection container (20 cm). 

With various choices of stainless steel discs, prep tasks such as slicing, grating, julienne, dicing, or making french fries are now easier and faster. Thanks to the largest discs on the market with a diameter of 225 mm, the productivity in your kitchen are much enhanced. 

Food Processor Functions

The food processor bowl with a large working capacity from 100 grams to 4 kilograms and variable speed from 350 to 3500 rpm can help you mix, emulsify, blend and chop in a few seconds. Moreover, it is supplied with a smooth-edged blade with inverted cutters, which enables you to save time and helps preserve organoleptic properties (patented system). 

Unique design

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