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A Proven and Popular Kitchen Aid for Decades

Sunday, March 27, 2022

bamix® Gastro 200 – A faithful kitchen aid of every ambitious chef and cook, which can easily deal with the tough demands of commercial kitchens and support your household cooking process. 

The smallest, most efficient, and most versatile hand blender worldwide

This powerful food processor has been proven by multiple private home kitchens for decades. However, it has not stopped functioning only in private households, but in gastronomy. Professional chefs have tested its power to approve the durability and robustness of this 200-watt kitchen aid.

Let’s see how powerful this small companion is:
  • The made-in-Switzerland AC motor is able to handle up to 20 litres of liquid.
  • With a longer drive shaft for an immersion depth of up to 29 centimetres, it is suitable for even large and deep pots and pans.
  • A master in working in a heated pan or any other containers without leaving scratches on the bottom.
  • Together with a wide range of accessories, the bamix® can be used for crushing, chopping, mashing, whipping, grinding, pulverising, and grating.

Live and promote sustainability

The bamix® series have been produced and developed with the highest quality in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. As such, a lifetime warranty is given on your bamix® motor.

What is better than an innovative, powerful, and durable kitchen gear, which can assist you in every stage of cooking for a very very long time?
Catch the chance to get a bamix® Gastro-200 electric mixer at the best price now!