bamix® Gastro 200 Electric Mixer- from professionals, for professionals

Monday, September 20, 2021

Not only in private households has this powerful all-rounder been a proven and popular kitchen aid for decades. Professional chefs are also enthusiastic about putting its power to the test, because the robust and durable "Made in Switzerland" AC motor can easily cope with the tough demands of everyday use in gastronomy!

A real all-rounder with Swiss tradition:
With its powerful motor and versatile accessories, the bamix® G200 "Gastro Pro-2" replaces many a conventional food processor. 100% Made in Switzerland underlines the outstanding quality as well as years of durability. bamix® lives and promotes the idea of sustainability.
Bamix® Gastro 200 outstanding features

The bamix® is the extended arm of every ambitious chef and no kitchen should be without it.
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