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Essential Supplies Every Industrial Kitchen Must Have

Monday, November 20, 2023

Successfully managing a commercial kitchen involves more than just culinary skills;

It necessitates meticulous planning and ensuring you have the appropriate tools readily available.

Running a successful commercial kitchen requires more than just culinary expertise – it demands careful planning and having the right tools at your disposal. One crucial aspect of this preparation is maintaining a well-stocked inventory of essential consumables. Here's a detailed look at the must-have items for ensuring the seamless operation of your commercial kitchen:

1. Cling Wrap / Cling Film:

   Preserve the freshness of your ingredients and dishes with our high-quality cling wrap. Its versatility makes it an indispensable tool in any kitchen, keeping flavors intact and ensuring food quality.

2. M-Fold Paper Towel:

   Our absorbent M-fold paper towels are here to swiftly handle spills and messes. Designed for quick cleanups, these towels promote hygiene and efficiency in your kitchen.

3. Disposable Gloves:

  Prioritize safety and hygiene during food preparation with our durable disposable gloves. These gloves provide a barrier between hands and ingredients, ensuring a sanitary cooking environment.

4. Centre Pull Towel:

  Keep your kitchen surfaces and hands clean with ease using our centre pull towels. The convenient design allows for quick access, making them an essential for maintaining a tidy workspace.

5. Wypall X60 Wipers Pop-Up Box:

   Meet all your cleaning needs with the versatility of Wypall X60 Wipers. These wipes are designed for various surfaces, providing a reliable solution for maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen.

6. Wypall X80 Plus Wipers Power Pack Wipes:

   Tackle heavy-duty cleaning tasks with confidence using our Wypall X80 Plus Wipers. Known for their extra strength, these wipes are ideal for challenging cleaning situations that demand durability.

7. Garbage Bags:

   Maintain an organized and clean kitchen with our top-notch garbage bags. Engineered for strength and reliability, these bags can handle the demands of any culinary operation, keeping your kitchen space in impeccable condition.

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Your journey to a seamlessly operating commercial kitchen starts with the right supplies!
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