TOP 3 handy kitchen knives to cooking easier

Saturday, November 19, 2022

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For every chef, a knife is an indispensable item. It is considered as one of the effective assistants in cooking.
A good knife will help prepare ingredients quickly and cook easily. That's why a chef needs to be more careful in choosing his "assistants" so that you can cook more easily.

Types of Kitchen Knives

  • Cooking Knife

Chef knives usually have a length of about 15-30 cm. This knife is quite versatile when it can be used for cutting, mincing, mincing meat and even chopping bones. Therefore, most Chefs use them regularly in their daily tasks. Therefore, when choosing this knife, they always try it very carefully to feel the most comfortable and moderate weight when holding.
• Steel knives are made by forging from a block of steel, so the blade and handle will be one piece. This helps to eliminate the accident of the blade chipping from the handle, but in return, when holding it, it does not feel solid and sometimes they are relatively heavy. (forged steel)

  •  Bread knife

This is a common knife in European restaurants and especially in pastry chefs, each knife is usually 15 - 26 cm long. The blade of the bread knife is often serrated so that it can cut through the crust without making them taste broken or crushed.
       The common stainless steel knife is present in almost any kitchen. Because they are made of stainless steel, they are also quite sharp and have a good gloss, but the price is affordable. The downside of this knife is that it is also easy to wear and needs to be sharpened regularly.

  • Boning knife

  Also known as a fillet knife, with a length of about 12-17 cm, it is often used to filter fish bones or separate meat and poultry without the meat being broken. This knife is quite special with the shape of the blade curved up, slender, and sharp.